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ahtop is a fork of htop 0.9. It aims to bring new functionality and some tweaks to it.

To find out what this is all about, please read about "htop" at http://htop.sf.net/.

New Stuff (differences to htop)

CPUFreq Integration

Not only does ahtop feature a totally new menu (key 'f') that allows you to change the scaling governor on the fly, it also displays current clock rates and governors in ye olde CPU meter.
Governor/frequency changing will only work with root privileges.

Custom Meters

Ahtop features support for your own meters (since r152)! Simply write a script which is throwing out the data in the standardized output format and add it to the meters area within ahtop.

Scripts belong into the .ahtop directory in your home folder. Don't worry, if it isn't there, you can just create that directory.

The output format is "caption:value,value,...:limit:unit", where up to 4 values are supported.

"caption" should be a 3 characters long string to be shown next to your meter.
values and the limit must be in the float format (like "1.0")
Finally, the unit can be any string, being appended to your measurements.

Disk Usage Meter

The Disk Usage Meter shows your current used up hard drive space. This meter is available for all non-virtual partitions.

NIC Traffic Meter

The Network Interface Traffic Meter shows your current bandwidth utilization for each interface. The bar maxes out at 1 Gbit/s. This meter is available for all connected interfaces.

Load Meter

This meter isn't new but updated. The bar now maxes out at your CPU/core count, so you'll see when your system is maxed out.

Processlist Refresh

Sure, the process list isn't new at all, but the commandline arguments of a process refresh as well as the other values.

Linux-VServer Guest Branch

We also have a seperate branch, optimized for Linux-VServer guest systems.

First, having some of the benefits of ahtop and secondly having some specialized tweaks, like the process-driven CPU meter. This meter only shows the CPU usage you are causing rather than the usage of all people on a node.

Planned Stuff

Additionally, we have a few more things that will find their way into ahtop. Planned features are:


Since ahtop is still being developed, we don't yet have an official release. You can still checkout the source code and compile it to get the latest stuffs, though.

R Package Type Arch Size
ahtop dev build (alpha r165) Bin Linux x64 219.5 kB
ahtop dev build (alpha r142) Bin Linux x64 203.5 kB
htop Linux-VServer-Edition v0.3 Bin Linux LVSG x64 198.4 kB
htop Linux-VServer-Edition v0.3 Src Linux LVSG 198.4 kB

If you like it, feel free to show some love!


Any input is always appreciated. If it may be ideas, bugreports or patches for anything, we'll look into it!
The tracker (for feature requests, bug reports and patches) is located at https://sourceforge.net/p/ahtop/tickets.

There is a SVN repository with public read access at
svn://cobra.wtwrp.de/ahtop/trunk Feel free to checkout the code and start looking into it. ahtop still is open source (GPLv3).

Or you can send your screenshot of ahtop running to cobr...@wtwrp.de for an upcoming gallery! Your opportunity to show off you box!

This website uses the "fugue" iconset by Yusuke Kamiyamane.